Things I Learn In Organizational Behavior Subject


Professor: Dr. Antonio E. Casurao Sr.

By : Rodrigo B. Niango Jr MBA-TEP Batch 9

A lot of things are going inside my head when I entered the MBA program of PICPA, especially on how it will add value and knowledge for my professional and personal growth. Although, I have learned a lot in the pursuit of MBA program these past few months. There is one thing that sparks my curiosity regarding the behavior of different people within an organization. Little did I know that this subject would tackle the curiosity I have in my mind, particularly the people’s different background, competence and behavior in the emerging globalization of this era.

Firstly, I have learned that organizational behavior is the scientific study on how humans behave within an organization. This is where an individual with a distinct personality, gift, intelligence and skills go to a group, and mingle with each other in order to attain their individual goal and the organization’s goal. This where the behavior of each individual within a group are being analyze in order to utilize each uniqueness effectively for the benefit of the organization.

Secondly, realizing that norms and culture within a particular organization varies on places and the organizations establish beliefs, values and lifestyle. Such, behavior is motivated by the thought that it is acceptable since it has been there and developed from a long period and of time and practiced by the majority of the people around it.

Thirdly, top management should be responsible in the organization design, configuration, and standard up to the formalization stage of the organization’s accepted structure in order for them to maximize each individual’s talent in order to achieve the company’s goal as well the need of the personnel.

Fourthly, there are different needs that motivate the employees, the transaction analysis on the behavior and the “games” within the organization that the people play to assert dominance or fulfillment in their ego, the strokes that somehow encourage or fulfill their assurance level in the process of attaining its self actualization.

Lastly, in doing our case study I have realized that a certain company may somehow develop a system or company policy in attracting, and maintaining those right person that would be beneficial to the company as a whole. I realize that there are set of person that may or may not fit in within the organization regardless of how skilled they are because they may not be the right person to dwell within that organization. That is why work force planning in relation to the science of Organizational Behavior is crucial in every organization especially in this age of globalization, where in there is a budding diversification from the different country because of the more accessible information technology.


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